You must have heard a lot about Canva from your corporate friends, colleagues, or through social media but always wondered how can you create an impressive design from Canva? Don’t worry, Think It Loud is here for you. Here we will be providing you a step-by-step tutorial to work on Canva and I bet after completing this, you will be left with no confusion rather gain some cool designing skills.

Canva Tutorial – Step-by-Step Guide

First, you will have to create an account on Canva. After signing up on Canva, let’s quickly jump to learn the design creation process. The first step in the Canva tutorial will be to choose the right size for your image.

1. Choose the Appropriate Size for Image

Canva provides you different size options that are best for the particular social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc for getting started with your design. You can also select the custom dimensions option for a particular size of an image.

2. Select a Background

You can either choose a color or an image for your background as per your preference. For choosing a color, select the color of your choice as per the requirement of the image or you can also choose from a range of textures just below the color palette. Want a background design particularly for an occasion like a birthday? No worries, just go to photos and search for ‘birthday’, it will provide you different attractive background images related to birthday.

If you still didn’t find any background image suitable for your design, you can also add the image of your choice from the uploads section, just drag and drop the image from your system to the uploads section.

As the image is for background, you can reduce its transparency too by the icon right next to the position.

3. Add the Text in the Image

The text plays an essential role in your design, choose them wisely. Also, select the font style as per the theme of the image that will add a decent look. You can also select from the default font combinations provided by Canva to end the confusion that which two font styles will suit the image.

4. Finalize the Image with Name, URL or Logo

You can’t afford to miss this step that is important for branding. In the Text section, you will find an option “add a little bit of body text”. And, you can then add your company’s name or URL as per your choice. If you wish to add a logo of your company, just upload it and add wherever it looks good in the design.

5. Name, Download and Share the Design

After you are done with creating your design, it’s time to name it. In the header tab, you will see an option to rename your image. After that, you download your image on your system from the top right corner option. From there you can also share your design on different social media platforms. If you are in an organization and want to send the design to your upper department for any corrections, you can do it with a share option. Just type in the e-mail ID of the concerned person and select the “send invites option”.

In the future, if you want to modify your design, no need to upload it, just go to the “All Your Designs” option on the Canva homepage and it will display all the designs on which you have worked on.

It was easy to create a design on Canva. Isn’t it? For the first-timers, the design created may not be that good but don’t worry you will master it in no time. You just need some regular practice and you will be good to go.

This was all in the Canva tutorial by Think It Loud, a digital marketing company. If you have any queries related to working on Canva, feel free to share it through comments.