Voice search usage is rapidly increasing on smartphone and it is estimated by marketers, that this year around 30-50% of all searches will be conducted via voice. Think It Loud has got you some strategies to optimize your website for voice search.

Voice Search has witnessed big changes because of development in speech recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. As smart devices like phones, tablets, TVs, speakers, lighting and temperature control are greatly in use. People are looking for a way to centralize all their smart devices into a single hub like ‘smart speakers’.

Nowadays universities are using Eco Dots to link students’ university account. In the coming time, the level of competition will be fierce. Therefore a business must start preparing and optimizing for voice search to get ahead of the competition.

Let’s see how you can strategise effectively for Voice search optimization.

Optimize Your Business Listings

To let Google know that your business is located at a particular place, you must use Google My Business listing. You should claim your Google My Business (GMB) profile to let Google recognize your business online. When someone searches for similar business your business will rank for that query. (NAP) Name, Address and Phone Number must be included in your listing. Apart from this right business categories must be chosen along with area codes. You can also add posts with special deals, news or updates to make your business stand out. Make sure that the business name, address and phone number are consistent throughout multiple business listings on various sites. 

Content That Appears in Featured Snippets

Make sure you upload relevant content on your website to make it appear in a featured snippet so that the voice assistant pulls its answers from there. Efforts must be made to provide quality information on the website so that they appear as a featured snippet. 30% of the search results displayed by Google have featured snippets. Google pulls the best result and displays the content in a box because snippets are important information displayed by Google on top of the SERP.

Create FAQ Page

Most of the searches begin with “How?, What?, When?”, this is because people prefer searching in a layman language. Thus adding a FAQ page could bring in value to your content. You must create content that answers questions to drive conversions. You must also keep updating the content. Use markup language (ex-<h2> for heading) to mark up questions. Answer all the existing questions on your Google My Business Questions and answers section. Make interesting questions about your products and services to drive conversion. If you don’t have content, you can work on reviews to source FAQ content ideas. The reviews give you content on what your customers are asking about.

Emphasize on  Structured Data

The structure data enables Google to know your content better. It is a code added to the HTML markup to have better control over your website displayed in the search result. Structured data allows your content to display in featured snippets, thus increase the click-through rate and voice search to your website. To understand the schema tag or structured data to your site you can visit schema.org.

Mobile-Friendly Website

As we know that most voice searches take place on smartphones. Nowadays voice search is more popular than typing. To boost your traffic you need to develop a mobile-friendly website so that customers can find answers to their queries. The essential features to consider while designing a mobile-friendly website are proper website design, compressed images, clear content, easy navigation and bigger buttons for CTA. Responsive websites are more user-friendly and thus better for voice search.

Use of Long- Tail Keywords

While doing voice search people don’t go for keywords. They use long sentences to get answers to their questions. More than one phrase has chances of a high ranking and faces less competition. So using a long-tail keyword can bring traffic to your website. To optimize your website accordingly you can use some tools to look for the type of long-tail keywords. This is advantageous from an SEO point of view.

User Intent Content

The users have queries related to products and services you offer, which gives an idea on how to write user intent content. The user intent should answer interrogatives like what, why, who, which, when and how of the target audience so that Google can crawl the information and display it on the top of the SERP for any query. As people make the queries by voice actions, Google finds out millions of answers and displays one that seems to be most relevant.

Optimize Page Speed

With growing technologies and internet usability, people want their query to resolve quickly. Waiting for websites to load is certainly not the trend anymore. Your webpage or website can be optimized using certain strategies such as reducing the size of Javascript, HTML, CSS files, reduction in several redirects, optimization of images, improving the server response time. This will help to load your website and enhance your website’s chances of appearing in the voice search results.

Work On Local SEO

Many people use voice search to determine where to go locally. They use voice search tools whether they are at home, walking or driving to look for restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, salons, plumbers and doctors. Therefore to appear in local searches, you need to optimize your content with location-specific keywords like “Internet marketing service in Indore”. When people in Indore, type queries like Internet Marketing service near me or Internet marketing service provider in Indore, google will find your business location and if your company is close to them, there is a high possibility that your website might show up in the search results.


As consumer behaviour is changing marketers should be prepared for the marketing trends to meet expectations. To stay ahead, tech giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have optimized for voice search. The above-mentioned strategy will help you rank better for voice search and would create a sound voice search optimization strategy in the future as well.