There is a tough competition because of billions of blogs on the web. How can you ensure that your blog is hitting the target? If you are writing blog posts for your business, you certainly need the traffic to read them. Traffic is what you get when you rank high on search engine result pages. Here are certain strategies that will help your quality content rank high in search results and drive conversions without a big budget.

Start writing A blog

A blog is a unique way to write valuable, fresh share-worthy content. Whether you are hobbyists or a personal business owner, a blog can help you get noticed. Both search engines and users acclaim this and it quickly leads to traffic growth. 

Start using SEO

By applying SEO techniques such as creating the page metadata titles, descriptions and keywords, providing alt text for images, SEO friendly URLs, using keywords in the headlines and body content and more. 

Make catchy Headlines

The readers should benefit from reading a particular post. The blogger should attempt to write attractive headlines to increase website traffic.

Use Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords help in driving organic traffic because they are written the way users enter them in Google Search. They have longer word count like“How to optimize your blog to get traffic growth in 2020”.

Video  Marketing To Boost traffic

The video will account for 80% of traffic by 2020. So, video marketing will be an effective strategy to boost traffic.  You can use videos on various topics like educational tutorials or highlight of your corporate events. Video marketing can be used on websites and social networks to showcase your product or service.

Work On Historical optimization

Historical Optimisation means updating old posts to make them fresher and new, so they drive more traffic and leads.

Republish Old Posts

If certain blog posts have been successful you can republish them in a different format like a podcast could become a blog post, a blog post could become a video to get more traffic.

Provide Internal Linking

To increase your website’s credibility for search engines and keep your readers interested in further reading and opening more pages, provide an internal linking structure between your pages.

Invite Guest Blogger to Your Website

Invite guest bloggers to share high-quality blog posts. When the guest article is posted on your website to increase the guest blogger audiences, it will increase your website traffic.

Mention Your Industries famous brand

Use strategic linking to explore opportunities for your content distribution. Linking and quoting to the industry’s famous brands and personalities builds bridges and increase the chance for prominent shares.

Get quality backlinks

To enhance your positions in organic search results, have backlinks on your website posted on popular websites that have a credential in your industry.

Grab the Power of Voice Search

By 2020 most of all searches will be done by voice. To get selected for Google’s voice search snippets, optimize your texts to generate traffic. Read the Think It Loud blog On “Effective Voice Search SEO Strategies “to know more.

Local Search Optimisation

For business information 4 out of 5 people use local searches for local businesses. Therefore, to increase website traffic in 2020, give attention to local search optimization which is closely related to voice search optimization.

Use Guest blogging

For guest blogging offer unique posts and not duplicate an existing one.  Ask the guest bloggers if they would be interested in particular topics and post on various other guest blogging sites. When they allow you to publish your content, you can generate backlinks from a reputable site.

Hold Free Webinars

Webinars help you to connect with influencers and engage in a live conversation. They help in increasing traffic. Send out invitations to your audience of the event and also send the presentation after the event.

Interview Industry Leaders

As we have a large circle of readers. Request an interview with thought leaders in your industry. Publish their quote in your blog. This will increase your website authority and increase traffic.

Add Social Share Buttons to Your Buttons

Every content that you write should have easy to use social share buttons for all social networks that cover your important audience. Allow your readers to share your content via social media, which will increase your traffic.

Try to click to tweet links

Apart from social share buttons. There is a trend to add the “click to tweet links directly inside the blog. They should be inserted next to something interesting, useful and just tweetable pieces of text.

Create Pages For All Social Media Platforms

Social media networks offer detailed analysis to help you understand your audience’s behaviour. Create a page for your company in all social networks. All social media are equally important. 

Update On Social Media Regularly

Post your content on social networks as well as use old content to create interesting posts. To make your publication richer use stories, polls and other content formats. Certain auto-posting tools will do the sharing job for you.

Put links social media pages on your website

Add links that invite your website’s audience to like or follow you on your social media pages. This has become a good trend and even an important element of your website’s footer.

Submit blog to aggregator sites

To increase your blog visibility, submit your blog to famous aggregator websites that collect precious content in your industry. Publishing relevant content regularly can increase your blog visibility.

Reddit A Traffic Booster

Reddit is a platform where users seek useful information. Therefore make your posts or answers to someone’s questions worthy. It will help to boost traffic to your website.

Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where all spheres of interest are covered. People look for answers to their questions and you can link them to your content to increase website traffic.

Engage In Communication in Forums

Communities can be seen on various platforms including social networks. By regularly engaging in communication on forums and groups create a sense of community and pave the way to add links where it looks relevant.

Use Email marketing

Use an email marketing automation tool to send newsletters that link to your site. Through various webforms on your website create a list of subscribers. Email marketing will streamline the process and save your time.

Be Active On SlideShare

Add SlideShare presentations to share your ideas, highlight key points of a conference speaker and deliver complicated information in clear ways. Slide Share presentation is a convenient way to communicate, so make sure you are present on slide share. Paid advertising is an effective way to increase website traffic. With Ad platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram the pay per click costs can be reduced with the help of geographical targeting.

Reward your Audience

Arrange contents and giveaways in the form of free tickets, discounts, corporate gifts to reward your audience to simulate engagement. This can be done through social media and email.

Make responsive Web Design

As more and more users browse web pages via smartphones so make your website mobile-friendly. The best way to apply responsive web design is to have a good layout on every device.

Pay Attention to Your Website’s Speed

Improve your website speed as website speed is significant to increase your traffic. It influences the user’s willingness to interact with your website and open more pages.


There are umpteen numbers of ways you can drive traffic to your website from social media to in-person market and henceforth. The most profitable method depends on your business category and your customers.