Traffic is very important to generate sales and growth of your business. SEO is an essential way to rank your website for organic search traffic. But it is not the only way. It is the building block of your website and the growth of your business. Think It Loud focuses on building website traffic. Here are a few marketing strategies you can include in your business to attract organic traffic without depending on SEO.

Power Of Social Media

You will be rewarded only when you engage with your customers and establish yourself as competitors regardless of your industry. To build a trustworthy relationship with your customer you have to show that you are concerned. Social media is the right place to do so. Go for social media. Increase your followers and establish yourself as a valuable presence. If they like your content they will enjoy your offerings also.

Guest Blogging

It is a part of your inbound marketing strategy and an important one. As it helps build relationships and discover new audiences, the strategy works if you are a beginner and don’t have a lot of visitors to start with. When you don’t have an established following it is difficult to get authority, qualified and relevant traffic, engagement, motivated leads through blogging.
For guest blogging, you must look for blogs in the same niche as you can relate with the website and its content. If you have some following it is an advantage. In this case, when you submit your guest post, you are engaging the audience and introducing them to quality content. This way, the guest blog benefits you and the site owner, as he gets traffic on his site. You need to produce engaging, relevant content that will make your audience want to stay on the website and know you better. You need to assure that people are reading your content. If you want your audience to stay on the website make the content good, original, lucid and answerable.
Be sure to include a strong call to action at the end so that you generate traffic. If guest blogging is done properly can target a whole new audience with your content and draw them back to your site.

Use Forums

If you can’t attract traffic to your site go to forums like quora, StackExchange to write compelling answers to problems your users face. It should be done consistently the more you answer the more followers you will gain. It is a long term process if you write high-quality answer often and each time, you will attract new followers and visitors. Quora is a powerful platform because you can find people there within niches. The website also ranks high on google due to a lot of questions. So you are getting referral traffic from quora in addition to organic traffic. Complete and optimize your profile or forum to be successful. Add a link of your site to the summary and write your title.
Online forums become effective in finding people and getting involved. Once you know them better and start interacting with them you will achieve more followers.

Blog Comments

People like to read blog comments. Blogs that are rich in comments become popular. Specific blogs get more website traffic than blogs focusing on a broad range of them. While leaving a comment to add something new to the subject, share a different point of view, present some valuable information and suggest some solutions. Try to write original content and also add a profile picture as that would add to your credibility.


Traffic is important for all businesses. It determines your worth. Using different growth hacking tactics to generate and regain traffic by sharing high-quality content your business is sure to flourish.