Answering the questions related to your industry can be a very good way to market your brand and reach out to the target audience. And, Quora is the perfect platform that can help you in marketing and reaching a wider base of target audience. You don’t have to be an expert for answering the questions of a particular topic on Quora, but always remember to submit the exact answer to the question asked in a descriptive manner.

First, let’s learn about the platform like what it is and how to work on it?

What is Quora?

Quora is an information platform where people can ask questions and get answers for it from different people. The questions can be of any type like “How to rank the website on Google or “Which is the funniest Hollywood movie?” There are about 4 lac topics on Quora so you can be sure that it covers everything you need an answer for.

When people find your answer satisfactory, they can upvote it and share it with their followers. So, you can ask questions about whatever you want (first, search for it, mostly you will get that question or very similar question to that) or answer the questions of your industry.

Steps to Market Your Business with Quora

The profile of a person is a very important aspect of any online platform and for Quora too, you need to set it up properly for marketing your business.

1. Quora Profile – You can’t ignore it!

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to create a profile as an individual and not of your brand. The starting of your profile bio must be impressive as the first 50 characters of your bio is always visible above your answer. Try to include your brand name in that. And, you can also add the link to your website in it, so make sure you do that to drive traffic towards your website through Quora. Other than this, you can introduce your skills and expertise in your field, try to make it short and impressive.

Now, add your educational and professional credentials. It is important to fill all the details as whenever a person visits your profile, it should look genuine.

2. Selection of Niche-specific Topics

This is a very interesting part. You can search for the topics that are related to your industry and follow them so that you receive a notification whenever someone posts a question related to that topic. Just type in the topic in the above search box that you wish to follow and Quora will automatically present you with other related topic suggestions as well when you select the topic. Now, just hit the follow button and you will start receiving notifications for it. There is a nice option to receive email notifications for the questions. For that, just go to the Settings page, and select Emails & Notifications. Then, you can customize the exact frequency and category of Email you wish to receive.

3. The Questions and Answers Round – Obviously, the most essential one!

3.1 Publishing the Questions

Adding a question is a simple task. You just have to go to a suitable topic and then select the Add question option. Now, you can enter your question and upload it.

After you start receiving the answers, make sure to thank the ones who uploaded them by uploading and giving the feedback in the comments.

If you are not getting a proper response to your question, you can make use of Ask to Answer feature to request particular Quora members to provide an answer to your question.

3.2 Publishing the Answers

Before just randomly answering the questions related to your industry, it is important that you research the questions that are right for the marketing of your brand. One way to search the right questions is by entering the query or keyword in the search box above and it will show you multiple questions related to it. You have to choose the questions according to relevance to the topic that you wish to focus on and the present trend related to that keyword for giving your best possible answer to that.

There are certain points that you need to check before providing an answer to that question:

  • Select the type of questions that easily defines your business: Search for the long-tail keywords in the form of questions like for a digital marketing agency like us, if we want to generate leads and get clients, we will be searching questions like which is the best digital marketing agency in India?, Which is the top company providing social media marketing services?
  • Find answers that have many upvotes: The answers with many upvotes will have a huge number of views and that will be the right question for you to answer.
  • Add links in the answer only when it is justifiable: You will have to use Quora as a marketing tool very wisely. Select the questions that you can answer related to your industry and in the answer, add the link on that long-tail keyword which provides important data supporting to your answer. The link should not be forcefully added, otherwise, Quora will moderate your answer and it will not be visible in the answer section.
    You can also refer other’s answers that have link and are getting a good response.
  • Support your answer with relevant images – The graphs and diagrams help the readers to understand your answer properly and when the readers are satisfied with the answer, they are likely to upvote.

4. Connect with your prospects and increase followers

Other than the question-answer thing, Quora is also a social media platform that helps people to connect with each other. It’s a great way for the brand owners to connect with their leads and customers by following them and vice versa.

Once your brand becomes popular, the people will most likely ask questions related to your products and services. Here comes the perfect opportunity to provide a proper answer including the relevant information about your product or service. But, remember first to deliver the proper answer to the question asked, and then you can support it with the right marketing content for your brand.

As you know, marketing is an art and marketing on Quora is another level. It is not similar to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Telegram. The people come on Quora to find value and proper solution to their query or problem. So, never forget that. You have to build your reputation and display yourself as a source of learning rather than just a spammy answer provider.

Did you find this Quora marketing guide useful? Do let us know in the comment section.