The food industry is fiercely competitive these days. Therefore it is more important to be innovative for marketing your establishment. The top hospitality industry takes advantage of a wide range of restaurant’s digital marketing techniques and strategies. This blog will highlight a list of marketing ideas that are easy to implement and offer a real return on investment. You can pick a few strategies to increase your business. Think It Loud helps clients like Diamond Palace restaurant to rank high on search engines through its effective digital marketing tactics. Digital marketing agencies in Indore or at any other corner of the country emphasizes implementing lucrative and out of the box marketing fundas. Making a restaurant brand distinct and profitable is no more like rocket science, great assistance of digital marketing partners might resolve the purpose.


NAP Updation

There are different marketing strategies that you can apply to increase your visibility and gain new customers. Apart from paid advertising, it is important to rank well in local organic search results. If a customer/visitor finds your website, but they cannot see where you are located or how to get in contact with you, then your visitor might not change into a potential lead, and thus, even having a website would not help you to grab potential leads. Therefore NAP is very important for optimization. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is suggested to include vital information such as company name and phone number at the top of your website. Such information on your website helps your site show up for geo-targeted searches on Google. If you complete the same information across your website, your chances of being listed in the Google results increases. Your digital marketing agency or web development agency should keep your NAP consistent and correct on the web as it has a direct influence on your SEO ranking. 


Professional Photos of Cuisine

Instagram has made food photography popular. There is a pattern to feature food images on Instagram. To meet the industry needs hiring a professional photographer or optimizing your photos is required. You can invest in professional software tools that can help your photos pop and fascinate your customers. Tell your web development company in Indore or elsewhere to add such photo pop- up tools on the website. Photo tempting images fascinate viewers and might instigate them to visit the restaurant or make an online food delivery. For example, you can add on your website and social media accounts your restaurant signature drinks, dishes, sweet meals and whatnot.


Social Media Management

Social media should be taken into account while planning and researching ways to leverage your restaurant marketing game. Most of the users that browse online are affected by reviews and comments. Social media engagement is a long time relationship. If a customer uses social media as a tool for engagement, they are depending on your brand to fulfil your needs. To enhance engagement your posts should be meaningful and personalized. One strategy is to make use of location-based advertising and entice customers. 


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective and economical way to attract local customers and increase your business revenue. Restaurant email campaigns and newsletters make you build worthy and new customers. Email marketing helps customers know about current promotions and is also a branding tool. You can compare it with other restaurants if your messaging is well framed and relevant.

One more aspect that your restaurant should focus on is creating an email marketing list that can help to increase leads, boost sales and build traffic. You should think of your ROI in advance when selecting email marketing as a feature of your marketing strategy plan.


Loyalty Programme

If done properly, restaurant loyalty programs can boost repeat sales. A lot of customers enjoy earning points and getting free meals. A loyalty program is successful if it is promoted on all available channels such as Instagram, is simple to use, and has a digital option. Loyalty reward programs might enhance your marketing and sales output because they don’t focus only on those customers who have already visited the restaurant. Personalized and effective incentives can attract new customers.


Push Notification

Push notification is an effective advertising strategy that restaurants use to increase sales and enhance customer engagement. Push notifications work by sending short messages sent directly from a software application to a user either via mobile application or web browser. Push messages help customers reach at any place and at any time. You can allow push notifications to promote special offers or inform your customers about a new menu. Any important piece of information that is good content or breaking news can be delivered as a notification. Return of Investment can be achieved by engaging customers through personalization and segmentation.


Local Seo

Think it loud being an SEO company in Indore preferably uses paid and unpaid advertising and SEO tactics to rank a business specifically restaurants on high bars of SERP. Local SEO is an essential marketing strategy tool for any size of the restaurant. Restaurants should also focus on local details to tap the market and strengthen their business. To improve your local rankings you should understand your customers in terms of demographics, pain points, and consumption habits.


Functional Website

You should make such a website that your customer is fully satisfied and their needs are met when they come to your restaurant. Your website must be functional for any users that visit your website no matter they are old or new customers. Your website should fulfil the industry standards and tell the story of your brand. An impactful website will captivate your customers and persuade them to try your services. Here are certain tips for your restaurant website

  • You should keep your message simple, easy and readable
  • Make sure your website is optimized for people who have a deficiency in hearing, vision or physical capacities.
  • Bright images linked from social media accounts
  • The website should become interactive with the use of graphics that allows users to build their menu.
  • Irrespective of the user’s device the menu should be easy to find and easy to use.


Online Reputation Marketing

Monitoring the position of your business on the internet is essential for restaurant marketing ideas. Online reputation has a direct influence on how the customer thinks about your business when they find you online. Online reviews matter as much as personal recommendations. Online reputation marketing is managing negative business reviews and motivating customers to interact with your brand and leave feedback for other customers to see. It is pertinent to note managing your reputation affects how superior you are than your competition and improves customer engagement.


Pay Per Click

PPC helps to grow the online visibility and makes your business to be placed at the top of your chosen search engine. It is an advertising strategy to bring traffic to your website. An influential PPC campaign can attract more customers. Most of the users start their search on a search engine and emphasize solely on first pages. A pay per click marketing campaign can be a lucrative restaurant marketing idea if it is incorporated and optimized correctly.



Thus, for every business digital marketing helps tremendously in making an online reach and presence at the same time. Further, if we talk about restaurants in specific then these above mentioned digital marketing tactics prooves to give faster and genuine results. If you are a restaurant brand and look forward to creating a progressive niche in the market through online marketing, SEO, SMO then you know your marketing solution- THINKITLOUD, one of the progressive digital marketing company in Indore. Visit the website- to know more about it. You can also contact us on- 083598 83336.